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  • Supplier NameLAPCO Manufacturing, Inc.
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  • Products54
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7oz. FR Two-Tone Western Shirts | 100% Cotton

    • 2XL LONG
    • 2XL-LONG
    • 2XL REG
    • 2XL-REG
    • 2XL XLONG
    • 3XL LONG
    • 3XL-LONG
    • 3XL REG
    • 3XL-REG
    • 3XL X-LON
    • 3XL XLONG
    • 3XL X-LONG
    • 4XL LONG
    • 4XL-LONG
    • 4XL REG
    • 4XL-REG
    • 4XL X-LON
    • 4XL XLONG
    • 4XL X-LONG
    • 5XL LONG
    • 5XL REG
    • 5XL X-LON
    • 5XL XLONG
    • 5XL X-LONG
    • 6XL LONG
    • 6XL REG
    • 6XL X-LON
    • 6XL XLONG
    • 6XL X-LONG
    • 7XL LONG
    • 7XL REG
    • 8XL LONG
    • 8XL REG
    • LAR LONG
    • LAR REG
    • LAR X-LON
    • LAR X-LONG
    • MED LONG
    • MED-LONG
    • MED REG
    • MED-REG
    • MED X-LON
    • MED X-LONG
    • SM LONG
    • SM-LONG
    • SM REG
    • SM-REG
    • XL LONG
    • XL-LONG
    • XL REG
    • XL-REG
    • XL XLONG
    • XL X-LONG
    • XXL LONG
    • XXL REG
    • LAPCO FR's flame-resistant two-tone uniform shirts keep you cool, dry, and safe. These shirts simplify work life and include many features for compliance and comfort. Four rows of lock stitching on the front placket to prevent unraveling. Double needle stitching on pockets, flaps, and shoulder seams. Sewn with Nomex® thread. Color matched FR buttons. Original western styling-Khaki torso with your choice of brown or camo accents on sleeves, cuffs, yoke, and pocket flaps.
  • Fabric:
    • 7oz. 100% Flame-Resistant Cotton Twill, Moisture Management Finish
  • Safety:
    • ATPV 8.7 cal/cm²| HRC 2| ASTM F1506| NFPA 70E